I’ve thought many times about having Pumpernickel as an emotional support animal, but after the other day that has gone to the wind.

First off, we bought her a harness so that when we had the doors open to cool the house off in the summer, we could put her on a leash. That’s not needed now. I did put her in it however, to see if she liked being outside. She did great in her harness! Even with the leash on it! When I took her outside though she did a full nope and walked back inside the house. Twice. So now I don’t have to worry about her trying to get out.

Second. She had diarrhea for just over a week, and being to worrying mother I am I took her to the doctor. (She had had too much dairy at once and it basically killed the healthy bacteria. She got some antibiotics and probiotics and within 24 hours she had nice hard poops again.) She wore her harness wonderfully, but she hated the car ride. I felt so bad for her. She was in such distress until she got back into the comfort of her own home.

After those two things I realized she would never be able to come with me places. And that’s ok. I don’t go out often anyways, and even though I do miss her when I do go out, I look forward to her cuddles when I do come home.


Pumpernickel has found her voice. She lets us know when she’s upset with us, or when she needs something. It’s usually as simple as demanding a blanket to lay on when it’s all bunched up or not there. Sometimes it’s when we’re taking too long to go downstairs in the morning, or when she’s offended that I won’t let her sniff and taste my food. Whichever reason it is, I’m glad she’s finally being a little bit vocal, and I hope she’ll eventually start chirping and having conversations with me.


So far life with Pumpernickel is going great! It’s been a few days now and she’s starting to show her personality. She’s quite a suck, and loves running from one room to the next. I think she’s fallen just as much in love with me, as I am with her. She’ll come and jump on my lap and writhe around to get as much love as she can, until she’s had enough to go back searching the house, and then comes back for more.

She’s still a bit wary of us when we’re standing, and very wary of husband. Although last night when I was in bed she did go and get as much love from him as she could since he was awake. Progress!

She’s not outright hiding anymore. Instead of hiding under the bed, she’ll sit beside it while watching us in the kitchen. She’s even starting to explore the basement.

She has already brought me such joy. I knew that this is what I needed, and even husband agrees. Now if only I could get her sleeping pattern to change. I’ll probably work on that this week.