Pros of moving to B.C.

  • everything is pretty
  • beaches in the summer
  • free beaches in the summer
  • free beaches that aren’t man-made shit holes
  • my family is there
  • we have 6 nieces and nephews there that we can see regularly
  • husband’s brother is there
  • he can help us with car stuff if need be
  • it’s home
  • Sephora
  • mac
  • better produce
  • support system is better
  • walk in clinics all day every day
  • free fruit!
  • orchards
  • winding roads
  • wineries
  • foodie haven


  • money
  • housing is more expensive
  • jobs are hard to get
  • jobs don’t pay as much
  • uncertainty


Things I would buy if I won the lottery:

  • Three houses. One in Vancouver to live in. One in Kelowna to summer in, and a condo in Calgary to visit in.
  • A fancyish car
  • Furnishings for all three houses
  • Hire a decorator to furnish said houses
  • All of the makeup!
  • A big vacation
  • Multiple cats
  • Maybe a dog
  • New clothes
  • I’d get my boobs done, and probably some lypo, and fillers
  • Laser hair removal
  • More makeup


Things that piss me off:

  • When my sister-in-law says “well you know where we are”
  • People who can’t park
  • People who can park but don’t take the time to straighten their vehicle
  • Solicitors
  • Noisy neighbors
  • Beauty gurus who use too bright lighting
  • Everyone who says they’re obsessed with everything
  • People who say expresso
  • People who say chipolte
  • People who confuse there, they’re, and their and two, too, and to
  • And those same people who don’t care enough to spell check
  • People who think they’re better and more important than other people because they have kids
  • People who can’t sit still
  • People who constantly need to be busy