I used to be a video game aficionado. I was particularly drawn to Nintendo games. So much that I’d call myself a Nintendo snob. I’d play for hours at a time. So much so, that I’d forget to eat. I’d start as soon as I woke up and didn’t stop until husband came home from work. He works 12 hour shifts so you can imagine the amount of game play I’d get in.

My game of choice is and will always be Zelda. I’ve been playing/watching since I was a little kid. I used to watch my aunt and grandpa have competitions over it. They’d try to beat the other one to the next dungeon/heart container/power up. As I’ve gotten older though, and more anxious, I’m no longer able to play. It gives me such anxiety that I just stop where I am, and don’t pick it up again.

But now I’ve found YouTube! I watch people play and get the same satisfaction without all the anxiety. I’ve been watching Zelda on YouTube for years now. The last game (Skyward Sword) and the newest one (Breath of the Wild) are both great, but there’s no way I could handle playing it myself now. Which really sucks. But at the same time, it saves me a lot of money, so it kind of evens its self out.


One thought on “93.

  1. original zelda!!! Used to love and play that for hours. I guess I never understood why people watch those videos but now it makes sense. My nephew, that seems to be all he does.


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