Time for another episode of Tales From My Childhood. This one’s not so much a tale, but more of an I’m stupid kind of story.

Back in the 90’s when TLC was a group still, and Waterfalls was a big hit, I always thought they were saying “don’t go Jason, waterfalls.” Like, don’t go, there’s waterfalls. They’re dangerous.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized they were saying don’t go chasing waterfalls.


Lately insomnia has been kicking my ass. Twice already this week, it’s taken me hours to fall asleep, and while I try, I get horrendous restless leg syndrome. Klonopin doesn’t help much when the rls kicks in, so I lie in bed exhausted, unable to sleep. Usually it’s caused by stress or over stimulation, but nothing like that has been happening lately so I don’t know what’s causing it and what to change.