I did something I’m a bit proud of, even if it wasn’t anything big or important. For me it was a bit of a big deal. I reached out to my mom and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie marathon with me. She lives about 8 hours away from me, so we would watch them in our own homes, and text during the movies. She, of course, was elated!

We’re going to watch The Thorn Birds. I haven’t seen it in years, and after reading another book by the same author for my book club, I had an itch to watch it. My mom obviously has the movies as well, and I thought it would be kind of fun. We used to play computer games over the phone, ages ago, and we both enjoyed that. Thorn Birds is something special between the two of us, I watched it with her when I was still little, (probably not the best choice of movies for a child), and we both loved them! Over the years whenever we saw them somewhere, we’d rent them and watch together, until I found them on Amazon and bought them for her.

I think it’ll be a fun thing to do, and hopefully we can find another series to watch together like that another time. Maybe we’ll make a thing of it. Who knows?


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