Christmas was good. We went to my sister in law’s, and had a really nice time. Until we both realized why we don’t play games with her husband anymore. (That’s a rather long and ridiculous story that I probably won’t tell.) The week after is a bit of a blur. My husband was off work for almost two weeks, and I saw him for a total of two days. Two.

Between his brother and his family being in town, and dealing with the old house, he was just never around. I didn’t have it in me anymore to visit people, so I mostly just stayed home alone. I did go for dinner at his parents with everyone else, but that was the last of my visiting. I really needed the alone time, and just to not deal with anymore people.

I spent New Years Eve, you guessed it, alone. Husband went to his sisters, mostly out of obligation to be honest, and I stayed home watching Netflix. All the alone time was starting to get to me though. New Years Day wasn’t great and husband could tell. We spent the day cuddled on the couch together and that made things better. It’s funny what a little contact will do to a mood. Now we’re back to routine, and I’m happy about that.


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