Aw fuck. Just when things are going well, something shits all over it. This morning my husband came home from work and we have a blown tire, and one is leaking. Thankfully his brother is a tire guy and can bring us some new tires for a good deal, and install them for free. But for some reason we just can’t catch a break.

It’s the little things too. It snowed a bunch the other day and when my husband went to shovel that night after work, the people that he usually shovels alongside our own sidewalk, was done but no one took the two minutes to clear ours. We don’t expect it, but it would be nice since he’s always doing theirs.

I feel so bad for him. He’s got a lot on his shoulders and he could really use something good right now. I even made him take one of my Klonopins so he could sleep without his brain keeping him up. He’s usually up around noon after a night shift and right now it’s around 3:00 and he’s snoring hard! I may even need to wake him up when it’s time for dinner. That would be a first! Either way I’m glad he’s getting some much needed sleep, and I hope that the news about the tires ease his mind a bit.


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