And another thing that drives me crazy, so-called “Christian values.” Drugs, sex, drinking, rock and roll, all of those things are taboo in the “Christian” mind. Did Jesus not drink wine? Pretty sure he did. Sure drugs, and an excess of alcohol aren’t good for you, or society in general, but I don’t judge those that imbibe.

I personally don’t drink, but that’s because I don’t care for the taste of alcohol. Although I do enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, and a good lime margarita. I’ve also been known to do drugs. Pot actually. Not now though, although if it becomes legal in Canada, I may switch to that instead of Klonopin.

And sex. Everyone goes on saying masturbation is bad and it’ll make you blind, blah blah blah. Who doesn’t love a good masturbation session? It’s a completely natural thing to do. Slut shaming boys and girls is a terrible thing to do over something so natural.

Quit judging people based on what you think values should be, put out by a religion that is not only corrupt, but also, in my opinion, is pretty much a cult. (Hello Catholics.)


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