As if we needed more proof that we aren’t wanted around my husband’s family, we got some today.

My mother in law’s birthday is one week before mine. On the weekend my husband got a text from his sister asking if he works on Tuesday (today) and he said he works nights. Her response was “ok”. Nothing else. We both knew that meant she was planning on having dinner for their mom and was probably checking to see if she had to invite us. The thing is, he doesn’t work until 7 and would be able to go anyways, and not only that, I don’t work.

Today, we found out from his dad that they are, in fact, going to his sisters for dinner. He was surprised that we weren’t going and when he asked why, my husband said we weren’t invited. His mom called a couple of hours later and skirted around the issue. When asked what she was doing she listed off a bunch of things and never even mentioned dinner.

So there we have it. We are clearly, and blatantly not wanted.


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