Birthdays. Mine is on Tuesday and honestly, they’re never that good. I mean, they’re usually relaxing, consisting of a dinner or lunch out and usually a tattoo appointment. But there’s so much pressure of having a “good birthday” that mine always fall flat.

I don’t usually invite anyone for a “birthday dinner” anymore, since no one seems to care enough to come. My one friend always has some excuse, and the family that’s around never cares enough to come. Last year, I didn’t invite anyone, and they actually seemed offended by it, which amused me quite a bit. Why the fuck would you be offended by something you don’t even want to do? Not once do they even ask what we’re doing. If you don’t ask, you don’t get invited. Simple.

This year, I’m getting two tattoos and going for lunch to a pub. We’ll see if anyone cares to know.

Update: No one is being invited. They can go fuck themselves.

Update 2: I felt like I should invite them, so I ended up doing that. I’m feeling surprisingly well today.

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