I love getting tattoos and have 15 of them. I crave them. It’s not just having the beautiful art on my body that I love, it’s the pain of getting them.

No matter what anyone says, or how tough they try to sound, tattoos hurt. Some less than others, but still, there is pain in tattooing. For me, it’s a good pain. It helps with the hurt inside, and it leaves something beautiful behind.

I usually go twice a year to get a new tattoo. Sometimes I get two in one sitting, depending on where and how big they are. Mine are mostly small, as I’m working on filling a half sleeve with cute little images. This year for my birthday, I’m getting two. A brain slug from Futurama, and a super cute fat unicorn. They’re both going to hurt a lot. One behind my ear, and the other right under my ditch. But the pain will be so worth it in the end.


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