As I’ve said before, I believe in God. With that, I believe in creationism. However, I also believe in evolution. It just makes sense to me. Not necessarily the apes and fish part, but the whole man and animal has evolved part.

If we haven’t evolved from something and are the same as we started out, then how do you explain the human skulls that are completely formed differently than what they are now? They’ve found whole skeletons that look completely different from ours. What about cavemen? We had to have evolved from that to be where we are now.

Same with animals. How do you explain different breeds of animals that we have now, that weren’t around millions of years ago? They had to evolve to suit the environment. One of my favourite things are unicorns. I like to think that when Noah had his big flood, they didn’t make it on, and instead evolved into narwhals. For the longest time I thought narwhals were a myth, and was so excited to find out that the unicorn of the sea was real!

I’m no scientist, and I’m not learned in evolution or anything like that, but this is what makes sense to me. Evolution is based in facts, and there’s real proof right there for you to see. Evolution is real. And yes, I can still believe God created the heavens and the earth and all life, and that as time goes by, it evolves into something new and beautiful.


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