I’ve come to the realization that I’m not meant for travel. It makes me a bit panicky and I always want to go home the first night I’m gone. It’s unfortunate, as there are lots of places I’d love to see, but I know in the end, it’s not worth it. I am fortunate, however, that my husband feels the same way.

We went away for a four-day trip to a small city we’ve never been to. Although it was a really nice break from our regular mundane lives, we both couldn’t wait to get back home. We literally needed a vacation, from our vacation. Which is quite ridiculous, since we really did nothing. We stayed in a very fancy hotel, that was way too expensive. We ordered room service, and looked around the town. Then we went and sat in our very fancy hotel, in pj’s and bathrobe’s, until it was time to go to the hotel’s fancy restaurant, and have a fancy dinner. That was it.

So we decided that instead of saving money to travel, and see the world, we would save our money to buy other things, and stay home. Coming up next; new furniture and computers!


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