My first love was named Fracas. He was beautiful, mostly black, with a white belly, and feet. He had the cutest black spots on the sides of his pink nose, and he was fat.

He was very loving, always bringing me gifts, and constantly rubbing against me when he wanted attention. I remember one day, I was eating dinner outside with my family, and he brought me a grasshopper. I was so proud of him.

He used to wake me up in the middle of the night sometimes and demand attention. He’d lick my eyelids with his rough tongue and nibble on my toes when they stuck out of my bed. He was such a silly boy. I was so sad when he had to leave me, but I visited him often at my aunt’s house, until he died.

Then I met my second love. She was beautiful too. All grey and super fluffy. She won my heart as soon as I saw her. I got her for my birthday one year and I fell in love. She was my baby. She slept with me every night and was there every day waiting when I got home from school.

When we moved to a house with a yard she was fascinated with being outside. She loved being outdoors and bringing me gifts. One time she brought home a butterfly and was so proud of herself. She stood there all important as she layed it at my feet. Even though she loved being outside, she would always come running when she heard the food box shake, or a can being opened.

I know she loved me too, but oh would she get mad at me when I was gone for more than a couple of nights. She would ignore me and wouldn’t look at me or come when I called her. It usually only lasted a day or so depending on how long I was gone. But she’d always come back afterwards looking for attention.

We had to give her away a few years later and that was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. She was my baby. My love. Not a week goes by without my thinking of her and hoping she got a good home.

Its been a long time since I’ve had a cat, and I’m constantly wanting one. That’s what sucks about renting, you can’t just go out and do what you want without someone’s approval. I feel like right now it would help me so much, but it’s such a long way before I can even hope to get one.


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