I hate body hair. Thanks to genes and a hormone imbalance I have an abundance of it, and it’s not just dark, it’s also coarse. But not only body hair, oh no! I also have facial hair. And it fucking sucks.

I started shaving my upper lip when I was in grade 8, since I didn’t know about waxing yet, and my mother didn’t do any of the things most women do to keep up their appearances other than wear mascara. I was also left to my own devices to learn how to shave (a friend taught me how in grade 6 after being told I look like a gorilla) and tweeze my eyebrows, which is why I have none today, thanks to 90’s brow trends.

The facial hair is the worst though. It means constant tweezing, waxing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. I mainly only get it under my chin and foundation covers the bits that haven’t popped out yet and I can’t get with my tweezers.

It sucks because I’m constantly aware of that area. I hate when my husband tries to caress my face and he goes near my chin. I hide the fact that I tweeze it, even though he knows I do. I mean how can you not know? It’s also a really dry area of my face so I constantly have to exfoliate and I use a moisturizing mask to keep it soft.

I pride myself on my appearance and enjoy taking care of it, whether it’s putting on makeup, skin care, or any other kind of primping. It’s very relaxing and helps me zone out. Sometimes I can spend hours just getting ready to go out if I feel like it and have the time. But I loathe having to deal with hair removal of any kind. If there’s any other way to remove it for good, that doesn’t cost a fortune, sign me up!



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