I really hate when a little fandom goes mainstream. A long time ago a few years ago I was obsessively into Twilight. Don’t judge. I even went so far as to go to Forks, the small town in Washington, that it was set in. Again, don’t judge. While that obsession was going I got into reading fan fiction based on Twilight. Seriously, quit judging me. A little known fanfic called Master of the Universe, or MotU as we all called it, was all the rage and I dove in head first and it became my happy place.

A few years later, the author changed the name, the character names, and some details, and published it as Fifty Shades of Grey. For a while it stayed little. Fifty was still my happy place and all was good. Then it hit the mainstream. It was all anyone would talk about, and everyone was all Christian Grey this, and Anastasia Steele that. It ruined it. My happy place was gone and now I can’t even hear about it without groaning in annoyance.

Eventually, I came across Doctor Who, and found my new happy place. I became so obsessed with 11, that I even got a tattoo of him on my arm, and he’s adorable.

Fish fingers and custard.

Doctor Who is still pretty mainstream, but not enough that it bugs me, and I definitely don’t hear much about it unless we get a new Doctor or companion.

Then there’s the big fandoms, that are ruined by Disney. Read: Star Wars. I’ve always been a big Star Wars fan. Not big enough to be “in the fandom” but enough that I knew the jokes, and references. When they made episodes 1-3 I was excited for them, even though they weren’t that great. And like Howard said, they’re like watching C-Span with monsters.

And then Disney took over. They over commercialized it, and made one hell of a stinker with episode 7. Not only that, but then they go and make spin offs. Way to ruin Star Wars, Disney! They went so mainstream, that my sister-in-law, who hates everything that isn’t “normal”, actually saw it. And liked it. That was met with a big old Duh! First of all it’s Star Wars. Second, it sucked. Reused plot line from the original, and I highly doubt she even understood the jokes meant for the fans.

Anyways, I digress. I could really go on about how much I hate what mainstreaming, and commercialization has done to my favourite fandoms, but instead I’m going to my happy place, and that’s Eleven. All goofy, flailing limbs, and silly hats. Geronimo.


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