It’s no secret that I love makeup. It’s been my one true passion, since I was a child. To look at me you’d think I like attention. I have teal blue hair, bright blue eyebrows, wear crazy colored lipsticks, and all of the colors on my eyes, in strange places. Really though, I hate having attention focused on myself.

I wear the crazy things, because one, makeup is fun and it washes off, and two, it’s a creative outlet. I love keeping it weird. I don’t mind the stares I get, mostly from children, and the comments, mostly from adults. My favourite comments are when people compare me to a mermaid, and really that’s such a compliment!

I love not wearing makeup also. Most of the time I go makeup free, and it feels great to be able to rub my eyes, or touch my face without worrying about smearing my eyebrows or mascara. But I look forward to the days when I leave the house and have to pick which colors to wear, or where to put them. It’s just so much fun to play with color.

Sometimes though, I wear it as a mask. If I’m not comfortable around someone, I can put on a face and hide behind it. It’s almost a wall, put up until I’m comfortable enough to let you see the real me. The one that’s neurotic, and anxious, and sad, and a bit crazy. She’s the one not quite confident enough to go without her mask, so she makes it pretty, and weird, and colorful, to distract from the real crazy.


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