Most people have fomo to some degree or another. My mother is no exception. She’s quite ridiculous really. If she’s not included she gets all pouty and indignant.

I don’t tend to feel the same. The thing with me is I’m not scared of missing out, and I’d probably rather not do whatever it is, but I would like to be asked. Being asked to do something even if you think you know the answer is a big deal to me.

Most of the time I’m over looked, or not even considered at all because more often than not, I’ll decline an invitation, since I get such anxiety even thinking about whatever it is that’s going on. The thing is, it’s just plain hurtful. I can look out the window and see what’s going on (since family lives across the road) and plainly see I wasn’t even considered.

All the hurt over the years of not being even asked turns into resentment, until I don’t feel comfortable around even family. It’s not a good feeling, knowing you’re not welcome in someone else’s home, and if the shoe were on the other foot, I know they would feel the same way I do.


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