Most of my days are spent alone, and I quite enjoy my solitude. I’m very much an introvert so I crave alone time, but there are times where I get quite lonely.

I never really had friends in high school and when we moved to a completely different province and city, I had a hard time making friends as well. We had a small group we’d get together with on weekends but not much more than that. Not to mention they weren’t really our friends. At one point something happened and we all fell apart. People were hurt and the rest got lost in the fallout.

It’s hard not having friends when you get lonely. It’s even harder when you have social anxiety. I tend to separate myself from people so I won’t get hurt by them and it alienates me. So I sit at home, alone, wishing someone would reach out, but not having the strength to do it myself, and I get lonely.


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