I hate Mothers Day.

People don’t realize how hard it is for people who can’t have kids to hear about Mothers Day non-stop. Nothing says “hey you’re defective, but you should celebrate all the others who aren’t” like mothers day. I genuinely loathe being obligated to go celebrate others, and then listen to them not only talk about being a mom, but also bitch about how their husbands/kids didn’t do enough for them. They didn’t get to sleep in, they had to work that day, or the gift they received wasn’t as good as the one they got their husband for Father’s Day.

I can hide it pretty well, how much not being able to have kids affects me, and other than my husband, I don’t think anyone really gets how much it still bothers me. No matter what, always and forever, I will want a child.

We tried for seven years. Seven years full of failure and hope and depression, with no success. Doctors appointments and tests and drugs were no help, and so, we decided that we would stop. It got to be too much, and the rest of the options were too expensive, so now it’s just us. Just a couple, who get no recognition for the things we’ve endured, and the challenges we’ve faced, and in spite of it all, we’re strong and together when many fail and fall apart.

So that is why, I hate Mother’s Day. I probably always will.


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